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Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Episode 9: Here Comes His Fiancée!
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Date of Birth
October 10
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English Dub
Anthony Bowling

Toto is an Examinee and Kuku's partner

Appearance Edit

Toto has short, fluffy, turquoise hair and sort of droopy, green eyes. He has thin, circular, wire glasses and pale skin.

He wars a light green, Arabic Thawb, with a yellow and brown leaf design down the front, and a blue crystal button on his collar.

Character Edit

Toto is a quiet guy that supports Kuku in what she does, but knows when to stop her from getting out of control. He always silently supported her chasing after Zero, but had the confidence to reveal to her that he'd always loved her.

Plot Edit

Toto shows up after Kuku kisses Nina on the hand, and tells her that she may have the wrong idea on how humans introduce themselves.

After this, he tells Kuku they finally got a reading on the Crystal Pearl, and they end up at Nina's school, and in her classroom. He tries to stop Kuku from attacking Zero, but she ignores him.

Later he's seen trying to convince Kuku to drop her seduction attempts toward Zero, because "Marriage should not be an obligation. You should love each other..."

Kuku tells him to shut up and decides to put on lingerie to seduce Zero. This flusters Toto. Later Zero runs after Nina and ignores Kuku in lingerie, leading to Kuku trying to chase after him in the lingerie, but Toto is there with her clothes to stop her.

She puts on her clothes and runs off, leaving Toto alone. This makes him sad and he asks why Kuku won't realize.

In the anime, Zura lectures Toto about love, but in the manga, Toto comes the the conclusion on his own.

Angered that Zero does not love her, Kuku focuses her magic and prepares to turn everyone completely into animals, but before she can, Toto, grabs her by hand and objects. Kuku yells at Toto, saying that he doesn’t know how she feels, but he assures her that he does. He tells Kuku that he’s always cared for her and knows exactly how she feels. Kuku cries and hugs Toto, and then ends the curse.

Before Kuku leaves with Toto, who is now the new object of her affection, she whispers to Nina that she wishes her the best of luck with Zero. A blushing Nina says it’s not like that, and then Kuku and Toto depart.

Toto profile pic