Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Episode 5: San on July 17th
Personal Info.
Also Known As
Mommy (by Sun)
Sun (daughter)
Forte (nephew)
Voice Actor
Japanese Dub
Keiko Utsumi (内海 慶子, Utsumi Keiko)

Saria (声優, Saria) is the mother of Sun.


Shortly after her daughter was born, Saria grew ill. People began to become convinced that Sun was cursed and that this is why Saria was sick. In order to protect Saria, Sun was kept away from her, and the two were forbidden to see each other. Saria, however, did not want this, wishing to see her daughter. Not wanting her daughter to be sad, Saria tells Sun that if she keeps smiling, then she will get better. Sun does this, but wonders why Saria never gets any better despite how much she smiles.

Soon after Forte first meets Sun, she forces him to wear a dress and chases him around the mansion. Forte runs into Saria's room to hide from Sun. He is stunned by Saria's beauty, and Sun enters the room to find Forte. She notices her mother and runs up to her, the two happy to see one another. Saria's father enters and scolds Sun, dragging her out of the room, despite Saria's pleas. He yells at Sun, telling her that whenever she is around Saria, her condition worsens.

Saria ends up dying on July 17th, everyone but Forte convinced that it was because of Sun. Sun does not cry at the funeral, and when the attendants at the funeral are disgusted with the fact that she is not even upset and call her cursed, Forte snaps, insulting them and saying that Sun is not cursed. He runs away with Sun and tells her that it is okay if she cries in front of him. Breaking down, Sun hugs Forte and sobs, mourning the loss of her mother.

Every day on July 17th, Sun visits her mothers grave. Even during the Magic Exams, she returns to visit.