Anime Debut
Episode 12: Goodbye, My Wonderful Princes!
Personal Info.
Magic Type
Magic Exam Number
Voice Actor
Japanese Dub
Tomomi Tauchi (田内 友み, Tauchi Tomomi)
English Dub

Rill is an examiner in the Magical Exams.


Rill is a rather quiet, calm and reserved characters. Although he has many people who care about him, he's never shown to have very much emotion.


Mamotte! LollipopEdit


He and his familiar are first introduced when giving Nina the potion to extract the Crystal Pearl. When Nina tells him that she doesn't need the potion, he informs her that she will indeed drink the potion, as he has seen in a vision of the future.

When Nina is giving up hope, Rill tells her that she has impact on her own life, and that she can decide her own future. This gives Nina the courage to return to Zero and Ichî.

Modotte! Mamotte! LollipopEdit

In the second series, Rill comes back and informs Nina that if she wishes for her friends to remain in the magic exams, she must break up with Zero. Rill shows her her future.


Although he has no significant role, Rill can be seen at Rokka's marriage meeting in the epilogue of the first series.

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