Manga Debut
POP 19.5: Minus 5 Love
Personal Info.
Zero (father)

Nina (mother)
Rei (older brother)
Jeff (uncle)
Sarasa (aunt)
Jean (cousin)

Jenny (great-grandmother)

Mina (ミナ, Mina) is the daughter of Zero and Nina and the younger sister of Rei. It is unknown if she can use magic, though it is possible that she is able to use Destruction magic, like her father and brother. Her family is good friends with Ichî and Rokka's family; she is best friends with Itsuki, who is in her grade and in love with her brother.


In the epilouge, Mina tells Itsuki that Rei is going to study abroad in the Magical World. Later that evening, Mina shows a little sadness upon hearing her brother talk to their father and Ichî about studying abroad, though she doesn't say anything.

Mina 1

Mina upset over Rei leaving

The next day, at the end of the epilogue, Mina is crying and saying she doesn't want Rei to study abroad, and he tells her that if she didn't want him to study abroad, he wouldn't. This shows they have a good brother-sister relationship. 


Mina seems to be very quiet and calm, opposed to being very easily flustered like her mother or very loud and bold-headed like her father. She also cries over her brother leaving, suggesting that they have a close relationship with one another.


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