Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Episode 3: Kiss? Baby? Lollipop!?
Personal Info.
Date of Birth
May 5
Canonically Unknown
Blood Type
Magic Type
Rokka's caretaker
Magic Exam Number
Exam Partner
Voice Actor
Japanese Dub
Yukari Kokubun (國分=優香里, Kokubun Yukari)
English Dub
John Burgmeier

(ゴウ, ) is the caretaker of Rokka.


Gô is rather calm and reserved, always doing his best to take care of Rokka. While a large part of this is because he wants to keep his job, but he ultimately wants what is best for Rokka, caring more for her wellbeing than his employment.

Gô is very serious, and rather ignorant when it comes to matters of the heart. For instance, he is clueless that Hatsuka has a crush on him.


Gô has a short crop of green hair and green eyes. He wears a green suit and a monocle on his right eye.


When Ichî goes to the Human World to take the Magic Exam, Rokka insists that she and Gô join the Exam so that Rokka can go see Ichî. Gô is not very enthusiastic about the idea, but relents, having to obey Rokka’s every whim as a part of his job.

Gô suggests to Rokka several times that they just give up and go home, but Rokka is always adamant about staying. When they are disqualified from the Magic Exam but later given a second chance by Will, Gô expresses his disappointment, having hoped that he and Rokka would finally return home.

Gô is much of a parental figure for Rokka, comforting her when she is scared and making her meals for her. He refers to her formally with the honorific “-sama”. Though his relationship with Rokka appears to be strictly professional, he is willing to risk his job for Rokka’s happiness, as seen in the Bonus Story, I Love My Darling when Gô encourages Rokka to go after Ichî despite her parents desire to put her in an arranged marriage.


  • Gô is approximately the fifth character created in the series. Kikuta generally named characters after numbers in the order which they were created. “Gō” is Japanese for “five”.
  • His height is 178 cm (5'10")
  • His favorite foods are Green tea and sweet red bean jelly
  • He doesn't have a least favorite food
  • His weak points are "Rokka-sama's demands"
  • His treasure is a Pine bonsai tree
  • His hobbies are Bonsai trees
  • In Data 6 the remark is that "Actually his age is unknown." and his favorite type of girl is "......?"